Guest Rooms at Casa del Puerto

Our apartments accommodate 1-3 persons each. Four rooms include a queen bed, single bed, private or shared bathroom with hot water, and air conditioning.

 Each room is unique and furnished with tropical and regional crafts and locally made furniture.

 The social areas, terraces, porches, and dining areas offer unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean.

Two of the bedrooms have an outdoor kitchen and a balcony overlooking the ocean.

Another apartment features private bath, kitchenette, ceiling fan and a living room with full view of the ocean.  Access to the balcony and beach path is also available.

 Apartment rooms can be available separately or combined for up to 9 persons

Purple papo

Purple papo.     (Click for larger view.)

room with queen bed

Bedroom with queen bed.     (Click for larger view.)

bathroom view & decor

Bathroom & decor.     (Click for larger view.)

Side view of house

Entrance to rooms at second house.     (Click for larger view.)

View of house

The second house.     (Click for larger view.)

Bedroom of Apartment 6.     (Click for larger view.)

Private Bath

Front room with view of beach.     (Click for larger view.)

Kitchenette - Apt. 6.     (Click for larger view.)