El Puerto (the port) of Rio Guararé

Halfway down the east coast of the Azuero peninsula, the Rio Guararé spills into the Pacific Ocean, offering a combination of a fishing river port and the natural ebb & tide of beach life – full of fauna and flora of the wetland mangroves on the river banks and of the beaches in a small settlement of Panamanian beach homes.

We are also located one hour from Pedasi and the lower peninsula where you can spend your day at beaches, fishing and surfing.



Transportation information for the 4-hour drive from Panama City can be provided with your reservation at Casa del Puerto.

Options include:

  • public bus (often express),

  • car rental,

  • flights to Chitre or Pedasi or to our small plane airport, Augusto Vergara (3 minutes from house)

  • or private transportation services.